Russia-Ukraine, round 3: the military and sanctions fronts.

Continuing our focus on the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, Selwyn Manning and I used this week’s “A View from Afar” podcast to examine the state of play on the battlefield and with regard to the sanctions regime being built against Russia. There is cause for both alarm and optimism.

2 thoughts on “Russia-Ukraine, round 3: the military and sanctions fronts.

  1. Thank you PB for your insights, intelligence (detailed knowledge) and possible outcomes – foresights. I could listen to you all day – learn something every moment. With respect to SM – please keep quiet and let PB speak, giving occasional direction. I KNOW the things you speak of already – largely – but learn something at every point when PB speaks. I am greatly encouraged too, in the face of this awful development (invasion, war) – something we would never have expected to happen in our time. Thank you both for bringing these discussions free to air. Kind regards.

  2. Thanks Barbara,

    You are very kind. I am just fortunate to have the benefit of a good education and plenty of lived experience that I can bring to discussions of world events. Also please remember that SM is a very insightful guy who develops good angles on many topics and who reads me well, to the point that we can play off of each other as the discussion unfolds. We try to balance our remarks and I greatly value his contributions. Plus, he does all of the technical work that goes into producing the show, so his overall contribution to AVFA is far greater than mine.

    Again, I much appreciate your support. Cheers.

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