Media link: the Russia-Ukraine crisis unfolds, redux.

In this week’s “A View from Afar” podcast Selwyn Manning and I continue our discussion about the Russian-Ukraine crisis even as Russian troops began their invasion into the latter country. Of necessity it had to be speculative about events on the ground, but it also widens out the the discussion to consider the short-term implications of the conflict. You can find the podcast here.

3 thoughts on “Media link: the Russia-Ukraine crisis unfolds, redux.

  1. Hola Pablo

    What I am missing here??

    Perhaps the Kremlin were just plain frustrated
    At not being taken seriously or nor given the respect they
    Desired as an equal negotiating partner.

    Eight years of diplomatic efforts,
    Three attempts –the Normandie Format the Minsk Accords,
    And more recently the NATO and Ukraine agreements of December 17 2021
    All amounting to nothing. So the Kremlin thought If you don’t want to deal
    with Foreign Minister Lavrov, you can deal with Minister of Defense General Shoigu

    And as for the English referring to Putin going ‘Full Tonto’.
    ( completely mad’ in MSM lingo )
    Perhaps they should refrain from combing words from two languages .
    I know I wouldn’t quickly forgive the slight of being inferred as a complete fool.
    The Russians certainly won’t!

    It is the Russians who are negotiating from a position of strength.
    When they start saying Nyet… that’s when the West’s real problem’s start

  2. I was interested to note the politico opinion piece about Ukraine’s strategic importance to various agriculture markets as a prolific exporter of various grains, seeds and corn. A third of world wheat exports, 75% of sunflower oil and 16% of corn.

  3. I admire their ex comedian President so much. He didn’t take the easy route of fleeing elsewhere but stayed with his people who have rallied out of genuine love of their homeland not the crazy zenophobic nationalism of Trumpism. Maybe more leaders should emerge from less traditional backgrounds. Although most of all that is needed in a leader is being a decent human being.

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