Media Link: “AVFA” on electoral politics in Brazil, US and Israel.

This week Selwyn Manning and I do a post-mortem on Brazil’s election and a preview of the US midterms under the general banner of “it is about the movement, not the man,” then turn to the tactical and existential issues surrounding Israel’s latest (and increasingly rightwing-leaning) elections. You can draw your conclusions by linking here.

2 thoughts on “Media Link: “AVFA” on electoral politics in Brazil, US and Israel.

  1. “Trumpism after Trump” is the ideological direct descendant of the North American slave trade. Which mutated into the Civil War Confederacy => Ku Klux Klan => Jim Crow => Southern Strategy => Tea Party => MAGA => Unite The Right / QAnon / Proud Boys / Patriot Front => Jan 6 => who knows what’s next…

  2. Hola Pablo

    Thanks for the commentary about Brazil.

    Metaphorically, I thing Brazil is like an old time sailing ship in a perpetual storm.
    It gets pushed and pulled from side to side by the political winds of change, however the
    country is big enough that it maintains its own course.

    With that said Lula’s term will be interesting. To be able to negotiate with the powerful opposition, the importance of BRICS and foreign policy as well as the influence of China

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