Blog Link: A “Guarded” Democracy in Fiji.

The rejection of the 2013 draft constitution by the Baimimarama regime in Fiji (a constitution drafted by a panel of international jurists and partially funded by New Zealand), has led to speculation as to whether the promised 2014 elections will be held. What has not been mentioned in press coverage of the constitutional crisis is an end-game that is neither dictatorial or democratic: elections leading to a “guarded” democracy. In this analysis I outline some reasons why the prospect of a guarded democracy in Fiji should be considered to be very real.

One thought on “Blog Link: A “Guarded” Democracy in Fiji.

  1. New Zealand and Australia politicians have no idea of the true Fiji, I suspect there are services that do know. The politics in Fiji is very complex. Did you know they still hold a grudge about us doing nothing in 1987? They have a colonial mess to fix up and they will solve it. One clue, a fly in the ointment was a German. If you don’t know the answer then you have no valid comments to make regarding Fiji politics.

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