Happy Holidays and a year end summary.

I am taking off for 3 weeks to do some R&R overseas, and will not be on line for most of that time if at all. I just wanted to wish readers and KP colleagues alike the best for the holidays and upcoming year. It has been an interesting first year at KP, and for me personally. Until I was invited here I was a regular reader of various blogs, but now have a better understanding of the time and effort put into them. I learned a a lot in the process, mainly that reasoned debate is a precious commodity and there is way too much nastiness posing as “argument” on NZ political blogs. However, here we fought the good fight to keep things (more or less) civil and to filter out vulgarity and ad hominen attacks, and that stance appears to be working. I must thank the regular commentators not only for their input but also for their decorum.

For the record, we have had just over 180,000 page views of 360 posts with 5736 comments since we opened shop in early January 2009. I have done around 75 posts. Most have been serious reflections, a few have been deliberately polemical, and a couple were done just for fun. 

Much thanks has to go to Anita for keeping the site updated and ongoing while contributing her own valuable insights, to Lew for adding high quality argument to the KP collective, to our guest posters for expanding the scope of our debates, and to jafapete for helping originate the idea of this blog even if he has been sparse with his posts. To all of you, your efforts are appreciated on this end.

Not sure what 2010 is going to bring for me but the good news is that I will be spending a month in NZ as of mid-Feb doing a mix of research and personal business. Now THAT is something to look forward to!

8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays and a year end summary.

  1. On a bleak note, After reading this – http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/dec/22/copenhagen-climate-change-mark-lynas – I’ve had a terrible premonition. The United States won’t take this humiliation lying down. If China’s nineteenth century leadership persists with it’s nineteenth century “great game” mindset then a military showdown between the United States and China is inevitable; And as a close United States ally we cannot help but to up to our elbows in it.

    The implications for (just for starters) our immigration policy is obvious.

    Time to start re-arming?

    On that note,

    Merry Xmas Pablo, Lew & etc!

  2. Tom, if China cock-blocking the USA in Copenhagen leads to an actual no-fooling shooting war, then I for one will be more than willing to commit suicide, since the only rational explanation will be that we are living in a Tom Clancy novel.

    More seriously, if such diplomatic wrangling really did raise the likelihood of war I don’t think the world would have survived forty odd years of Soviet-American tensions.

  3. Merry ho ho Pablo and fellow Kiwipoliticos.
    Yr essential reading.
    Just read the China piece.
    Not very merry now, will print out and take to friends who do not use the internet.
    Chinas century, not looking like a a good one for anybody but the chinese.

  4. Happy Christmas Pablo & commenters to you and yours. This blog is a must read for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed the views put forward so eloquently.

    Interesting article. Why did Obama not walk. Why did Obama and Western leaders not anticipate what China would do? It is no secret that Chinese growth is based on coal

  5. Let me echo Pablo’s thanks to you lot, the KP commentariat, for keeping it generally civil and highly stimulating. Thanks also to Pablo and to Anita, for inviting me in here and for setting such a useful tone.

    Since Pablo held the fort so well the latter part of this year while I was otherwise occupied I’ll try to do similar over the coming weeks. Though, since I am busy, it will be a bit infrequent and possibly somewhat more lightweight than the usual fare. The open invitation for quality guest posts remains; pitch ideas (or complete posts if you prefer) to me — lew@kiwipolitico.com.

    Cheers all,

  6. I wouldn’t get too upset about the China thing. There’s plenty of blame to go around for the failure of Copenhagen and China can take some of that blame. But the United States went into Copenhagen with an offer to cut their emissions by 17% on 2005 levels. Yes, 17% on 2005 levels, NOT 1990 levels. That equals 4% on 1990 levels. This, apparently, was not negotiable for the U.S – they would go no higher. So let’s not pretend all of a sudden that it’s those nasty Chinese getting in the way of the righteous West trying to defend the underdogs of the world.

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