Tick, tick, tick…


Sooner or later.

There are a rage of arguments and scenarios for how this will play out but sooner or later.

The problem is that it might not come with any major drop in house prices, as the article notes slowing growth not any stop in growth, if any, but it might come in the form of something else.

I wonder what that will be?

Also to add to the mood is the comment I herd last week that there has never been any significant or known drop in house prices in NZ history. Not confirmed at this time but even just in recent memory I cant see any downwards shift.

Readers are encourages to suggest their own scenarios for how this will go in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Tick, tick, tick…

  1. Over two centuries the policy of the colonial regime has been to dispossess and demoralize the native population through mass immigration, and that policy continues unchanged because so far it has pretty well succeeded.
    However the disparities of wealth, power and opportunity that divide the people from the regime have become extreme, and extreme measures will be needed to correct the situation. At some point the colonial regime has to go. It is that simple. What happens between now and then is largely unpredictable.

  2. Come on Geoff, give it a go, see what your imagination can come up with. You clearly have a view on the background, extrapolate that forward a bit. What do YOU think will happen?

  3. In a previous article by the same author I put forward the
    narrative that basing NZ growth on the speculative value of a non productive asset is deeply flawed.

    I stand by this assertion. The only winners are the FIRE economy – Finance, Insurance and Real Estate ( Taken from the website of michael-hudson.com )

    So how this plays out may take an interesting form:

    I think our country is already and economic colony of Australia. New Zealand is too small, insignificant and far away to play open market economics. Current policies have left us very vulnerable to a hostile takeover.

    Let me digress. A banking Rothchild once said ” I don’t care about your laws, just give me control of your currency.

    So consider all 4 major banks are effectively Australian owned, New Zealand is effectively a subservient nation

    Luckily for the elites, the general populous have been so dumbed down by facebook they have forgotten how to think critically

    So the only time anything will majorly change is when there is a change in monetary and banking systems.
    Systems that facilitate exchange and determines value.

    Read: The creature from Jekyll Island – Edwin Griffin
    also: Web of debt – Ellen Brown

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