Media Link: The Paris attacks in context.

I have spent the better part of the last few days doing assorted media interviews about the Paris terrorist attacks.  Some were no more than sound bites, others were a bit more in depth. Here is a radio interview that allowed me to elaborate a bit on the broader picture behind the attacks.

2 thoughts on “Media Link: The Paris attacks in context.

  1. I waited and waited for RNZ morning report o interview you but heard nothing. Did I miss it?

    Most of the reporting I heard was with journalists repeating rumours and desparately searching for any tenuous NZ connection. Disappointing there wasn’t more knowledgable commentary.

    Ah well.

  2. Thanks Andrew.

    I did a couple pre-records for RNZ but no live IVs. These days Radio Live gives me the most live air time.

    The new go-to talking head for NZ media when it comes to terrorism is some guy from Waikato who has zero past experience with such matters, be it academic or practical (he is a law prof). I so not find him that insightful but he is smart enough to synthesise what others say. Robert Patman has proven value and has a good grasp of the big picture, but also has the sense not to claim expertise in counter-terrorism etc. TBH I do not much like being called a terrorism or security “expert” either.

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