Media Links: New Zealand and the Islamic State

The inevitability of New Zealand joining the fight against the Islamic State (or ISIS or ISIL as it is variously known) has me doing the media rounds this week. Here are a couple of interviews on the subject.

First, a Radio Live interview.

Second, a discussion on Maori TV’s Media Take (first segment lasting 7:30 minutes).

One thought on “Media Links: New Zealand and the Islamic State

  1. Pablo,
    Your Radio NZ talk came up, but it said the Maori channel interview had been deleted. I hope you didn’t say anything sensible like the fact that the Coalition of 50 weakling Countries should move into North Syria from entry Kuwait with 100,000 men and shoot anything with a rifle not wearing an Allied uniform.
    What you did say Pablo, is that a reason not to go is that ‘”We don’t even have a dog in that conflict, it is a regional conflict” and “ we [ New Zealand, Australia ] may make ourselves a target by joining in”.
    But also we must go there ” [ my paraphrase] because we are in a coalition of political and geographical interest, and we can hardly expect the others to help us if we will not help them”.
    That is Pablo it is a regional conflict as you say or a global conflict as you say.
    The coalition of 50 weakling talkfest Nations can’t even take out a few malignant ISIS soldiers around Koban. But I bet once the Kurds are eliminated the USA will be able to bomb the City to rubble. Isn’t that great and brave, Kurds expendable as always .
    United Nations should tell Turkey you are either with us or against us. No comment? OK. You are no longer in the UN and you support destruction of the Kurdish titles. You are Islam and therefore enemy, prepare to have your country re-organised. We will get on to you as soon as we have finished with ISIS.

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