What once was is again to be.

Long before I arrived in NZ I was a jazz DJ at a couple of US public radio stations (when I was a grad student). Responsibilities came and went such that they intruded upon the hobby after 1985, but now I have a newborn child and this is just a taste of what I want him to hear as he comes into our world.


Then I remembered that I have always I had a thing about Texas blues, which brings up the subject of Booker Ervin.


Which extends to the issue of patience and self-restraint under controlled bluesy conditions:


Otherwise such talent can get one killed:


All public domain, so all free to listen.

This new born son will have his ears full, as did his now adult siblings.

Two questions: given the talent of such as Mike Nock, why is there no dedicated jazz radio in NZ (or at least Auckland)? Or am I missing something other than the occasional show on bFM?


7 thoughts on “What once was is again to be.

  1. Thanks peterlepaysan.

    I am thinking of reprising some short segments of radio shows I used to do by offering a weekly post featuring a jazz track or two. For example, a “Monk on Mondays” segment.

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