3 thoughts on “Salacious titillation and scandal anyone? Want cheap tawdry details of sordid behavior? Got sweaty palms?”

  1. To quote Charlie Brooker, ‘the only thing worse than Big Brother is someone loudly explaining why they don’t watch Big Brother’

  2. Once upon a time … about 20 years ago when the NZ Herald was still owned by a private family, the paper was a broadsheet format. I remember articles that had some intellectual grunt behind them.

    That paper is now owned by a gormlessly global corporate. Its tabloid format reflects the quality of its journalism ( if you could call it that ) I see headlines and with a torrent expletives ask myself
    ” Is that news? ”

    If the NZ Herald is indicative of NZ’s identity
    then Lord help us because we are on the road to nowhere

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