Channeling Wayne LaPierre on the subject of US school massacres.

Once again, the namby pamby pinko liberals have gone ballistic about a school shooting. The closet Muslim atheist commie gay-loving half-breed president cried crocodile tears about the deaths of some children and a few teachers even though that many are killed each week in car wrecks, water mishaps and domestic violence incidents that have nothing to do with guns. Reliable reports from Fox News state that the killer may in fact be a Democratic plant used to whip up anti-gun hysteria so that the liberals can continue their secular progressive agenda against the second amendment and God. As the great statesman Charlton Heston once said, they will have to pry my cold dead fingers off my fully automatic, 50 round magazine AR-15 (American made of course) before they take away my right to bear multiple arms.

The hard target truth is that banning guns only allows the deranged and criminally minded to have them. Instead, we need more guns rather than fewer guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens (although perhaps not those of color given their proclivities). After all, an armed crowd is a polite crowd.

Guns do not kill people, people do. Guns are not sentient beings, with a conscience. They are tools. Tools should be readily available to everyone because they are helpful in advancing God’s plan for America. The more tools available the better the project advances. How the tool is used depends on the person wielding it. Just like a hammer, saw, crowbar or chisel could be employed in deranged or criminal ways, so too guns can be used for unlawful purposes. Just because they may be automated and are designed to kill does not mean that they are evil. Heck, if we follow the liberal-vegan-animal rights activist logic, a line trimmer in bad hands is a serial killer.

The issue is not the availability of guns in the US. It is about the prevalence of nutters in an increasingly non-religious multicultural society where traditional Anglo-Saxon values, to include worship respect for firearms, is no longer as sacrosanct as it was in the good old white patriarchical days (although it is a concern that black folk do not appear to shoot up schools, malls and workplaces as much as white folk do, but that probably has more to do with them having criminal records before reaching the legal gun buying age rather than any moral aversion–at least that is what my preacher tells me). Left morally rudderless by the decline of US civilization caused by the secular progressive communist non-Judeo-Christian feminist agenda, troubled youth will wrongfully employ the tools of the righteous.

With that in mind, as responsible gun fetischists the NRA has consistently lobbied for better security at schools. But unlike passive measures like metal detectors, rent-a-cops and triple locked gates during school hours, we advocate the arming of all school teachers and administrative staff. We have also undertaken studies that demonstrate that 10 year olds who have taken a gun safety course are quite capable of carrying concealed weapons and using them to good effect in self-defense situations, including those that may arise in schools. We say that it is better to target the solution rather than the problem because any solution that seeks to limit ownership of guns IS the problem.

We believe this even though we are fully aware that public schooling is a yoke placed around the necks of parents and children by big government, be it local, state or national. We understand that public sector employees, to include teachers and school administrators, comprise a large part of the enemy within. But as parents, siblings and spouses going about their lives, they have a right to defend themselves by force in the face of tyranny or criminal intent.

The bottom line is that this latest tragedy would not have happened if the principal, teachers and fourth grade students at this particular school had been armed. Say what they might, the liberals cannot escape that bullet proof logic.

17 thoughts on “Channeling Wayne LaPierre on the subject of US school massacres.

  1. You should have posted that in all-caps. The punctuation and grammar is also too good. Other than that it looks suspiciously like a cut and paste job from Crusader Rabbit or that guy Terry Wallbank.

  2. Milt, I fixed your link to Alex Jones — I assume that’s where it was meant to go. Let me know if not.


  3. Milt: That video proves that reality beats satire. Apparently Mike Huckabee said that the issue was not guns but that they do not teach about God in schools any more.

    Judge: Who is Terry Wallbank? I do not do cut and paste when I can think up my own inanities.

    Hugh: Read the tags and go away.

  4. Reality is indeed better than fiction. Rand Paul just introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that would make it legal for school teachers to bring weapons to class.

  5. What about the students? I don’t believe the second amendment mentions an age limit.

  6. Pablo, if your denigrating my intellectual worth was really going to make me slink back to my cave, don’t you think I’d done so long ago? How about trying to engage with my point, rather than just trying to dismiss me off hand?

  7. Hugh: This is your final warning. Your nit-picking, sidebar tangent idiocy has worn out its welcome. There is nothing worth engaging in your comments, which have lost all pretense of being anything other than an exercise in useless troll s**t-stirring.

    I use the word “idiocy” with circumspection. But if you do not comprehend that the post was built on a mountain of straw men married to gun toting’ rhetoric, then you are either obstinate or dense. Neither suffices.

    The next comment you make that does not contribute to the discussion in a positive and meaningful way will result in your permanent banning from the site. Choose your words carefully.

  8. You don’t visit right-wing blogs much do you Hugh? Pablo’s dig at the gun nuts it pretty close to bang on. Do your research.

  9. Actual quote:
    “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre said. He blamed video games, movies and music videos for exposing children to a violent culture day in and day out.
    *facepalm* … and not, say, the actual violence resulting from, ooh, I dunno, some nutter’s recommendation of use of guns as a first and only solution?

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