Blog Link: Conceptualizing Foreign Aid as an Instrument of Policy.

Developmental aid is a major component of foreign policy and international relations in the South Pacific. As such, its purpose and effects are much debated. Taking as a starting point the recent visit to Auckland by a EU delegation traveling to announce a major initiative with regards to climate change in the region, I try to conceptualize developmental aid, broadly defined, as an instrument of policy. In doing so I point to different types of aid based on motivation, the interests involved, and some of the consequences of its provision over the long-term.

2 thoughts on “Blog Link: Conceptualizing Foreign Aid as an Instrument of Policy.

  1. Foreign aid as an instrument of foreign policy? What a revolutionary, groundbreaking idea!

    I suggest your next post be about military spending as an instrument of defense policy, or maybe taxation as an instrument of financial policy. That’ll really shake things up!

    With this kind of innovative thinking the Uni of Auckland was foolish to sack you. Imagine if our next generation of students had been exposed to this radical thinking. Truly a lost opportunity.

  2. CC:

    You obviously did not get past the title, so your silly sarcasm is just plain stupid. Not all developmental aid is given by states, nor is it always given for purely diplomatic purposes. There is much more to the issue, but then again, you seem happy to just be an ignorant bore.

    If all you can do is troll I suggest that you do it elsewhere.

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