8 thoughts on “Blog Link: Ending one chapter and starting another.

  1. End of an era and onwards to the new future.
    I hope it all works out well for you Paul. :-)

  2. Thanks Dave. I have an idea about NZ-based political risk consulting, and am working on that as I prepare my return.

  3. Hey Pablo – Good luck on the new direction, I hope it works out and includes blogging here. Every time i read an international think piece at Pundit I realise the strength of this website.

    How is the invasion by the enemy working out? ;^) Have you converted him to the “true” path yet.

    I had a great conversation this evening with a communist from Kirla and a capitalist economist from Spain this evening. I will get my thoughts in order and offer you a guest post. The interesting thing is that Indian communists don’t believe in cradle to grave welfare any more than I do.

  4. Again, thanks all for the good wishes. I was expecting more haters, TBH.

    Phil: Your guest post is always welcome. Remember that we review submissions as a group and remain leftist in inclination, so do not get too crazed in the other direction. :-0

    As for me, I intend to keep posting here unless I run into opposition from potential clients down the road. At that point I will reassess my position.

    With regard to the forces of darkness trying to weasel their way into the bastion of righteousness–we have embarked on a stealthy war of position so as to counter any such possibility. Now that the honeymoon is over the real power will emerge and it will be on the Left, not Right.

    Q.: It seems to me that NZ could use a dedicated political risk, market intelligence and strategic analysis consultancy for public and private clients. There seems to be a lack of knowledge about the context in which NZ-based foreign investment and trade, as well as certain diplomatic endeavour, occurs. Recall the Fonterra infant formula fiasco, where a lack of understanding about the problems of quality control in the supply chain led to brand damage. A little due diligence and expert advice on the political and market conditions surrounding that supply chain could have averted the problem.

    That is what I am proposing to offer, with an Australasian-Latin American emphasis. The question remains whether there is a market for such services in NZ, or will I have to go abroad in order to make it fly. Time will tell, but for the moment I am going to give it a shot and will be back in NZ in a month.

  5. Well Paul, we need your talents in this country, the ability for someone to see beyond the end of the nose is invaluable.

  6. Thanks Stuart (and Marty).

    There is no doubt that there is a need for specialised expertise in the areas I am familiar with. The question is whether anyone will pay for that expertise in NZ so that I can make a living of it. My Kiwi wife is skeptical because I have already done a fair bit of pro bono work for such as the NZ Police with nary more than a “thanks mate” for my troubles. NZ private industry are even more tight fisted, not realising perhaps that spending on some expert advice might save them money in the long run (again, the Fonterra experience is illustrative).

    In any event, I need to give it a go to find out one way or another, especially since I consider Karekare home and want to take out citizenship as a contributor rather than as a parasite.

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