Overzealous spamtrap

Hi folks, for the last few days Akismet has been eating legitimate comments, and since it’s usually so reliable I’ve not bothered to check. So I’ve just released them all. Thanks to Neil for letting me know. If a comment doesn’t show up, you can email lew@kiwipolitico.com and I’ll make sure it gets published.

Sorry about that. As you were. I’ll try to find time to reply, but it probably won’t be today.


2 thoughts on “Overzealous spamtrap

  1. I had some time to kill so went through the entire spam list today (March 26) and found a couple from Neil and Eddie C. posted yesterday that I have restored to the comments section where pertinent. There were also some double postings and some trolling, all of which were deleted along with the Spam

  2. Thanks Pablo, those two from Neil and Eddie were duplicates as well. I’ve deleted them again. But I’m not sure what’s gotten into it — hasn’t had many false positives in the past year or three.


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