Get off my lawn, you damn kids

exurbiaI will be scarce around these parts for the next few weeks because I am trading my beloved south coast for the one to the north-west, having bought a house in the ‘burbs. Three bedrooms and a garage, a character doer-upper with good bones which we got for a good price, our own half-gallon quarter-acre pavlova paradise. On Friday I suppose I will officially be middle-class, as if I wasn’t already. Before I know it I’ll be caring about things like whipper-snappers tagging my fence and rates and tree-pruning restrictions. Before then, I have to figure out how to move house with an increasingly mobile and ingenious nine-month-old.

This will require some significant changes, including acclimatising to what in NZ terms is a very long commute (by train, although I might consider carpooling since I’ve heard good things about the GWRC scheme). I will likely have much less time to write here, and elsewhere. But I will still be around.


7 thoughts on “Get off my lawn, you damn kids

  1. Hope it all goes well Lew, and hope we do still see you about the blogs. And don’t worry about the whole middle-class schtick, it’s just a phase, once the kids are gone you get to grow old disgracefully!

  2. Good on you Lew, all the best witht he move, best years, enjoy your wee one in her prime(and work on some more!) in paradise – and anyway, can’t you get some new-fangled gadget for blogging in commutus so to speak nowadays? Keep your hand in, this medium needs leaders of your standard.

  3. Best of luck with the shift; will miss your always-excellent contributions. But tracking a 9mo is indeed a difficult task, worthier of attention even than blogs. Consider a GPS beacon.

  4. If you take the train and are getting on at the end of the line you should get a seat and be able to use a laptop … this is what I understand is the advantage of public transport instead of personal waiting in traffic jambs. Yes good luck :-)

  5. since I’ve heard good things about the GWRC scheme

    I’m mildly dyslexic, and transposed a few letters there… I thought joining that conspiracy was supposed to happen after you moved to the burbs!

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