Making it beautiful (and usable)

There’ve been a couple of suggestions about how to fiddle the layout to make this blog easier to comment on and/or more beautiful.

Suggestions are very very welcome, so please stick them in the comments here and we’ll see what we can do.

10 thoughts on “Making it beautiful (and usable)

  1. Rex Widestrom writes (on a different thread),

    Off-topic: 1. Any chance the comment text could be a tad larger? Or am I alone in possessing fading faculties?

    Done. It was bothering me too :)

    2. a list of allowable tags (similar to that above the comment box at The Standard) would be helpful. Ta.

    Also done.

    Any other suggestions?

  2. Is the comment text larger? It still looks tiny to me. Also, I couldn’t see a reply option on your comment to this post. :-)

    ETA: …and is there a way to turn off the emoticon pics?

  3. iona,

    Is the comment text larger? It still looks tiny to me.

    I think I actually fixed it this time :)

    ETA: …and is there a way to turn off the emoticon pics?

    Thanks for reminding me, they’re off now.

  4. I have a somewhat trivial-seeming request which could help make the site a bit easier on the eyes – can you turn off some of the boldness? It’s all fine for headings and such, but for links, surely a different colour would suffice?


    (a minimalist)

  5. hmmmm…

    Not sure if there is an RSS feed for comments yet?

    Would like that feature if possible… ^_^

  6. Lew,

    I’ve debolded the links and pushed up the colour contrast (the burgundy wasn’t enough). Is that looking ok now?


    I’ve stuck the hateful Meta widget into the right sidebar. It’ll give you the comments RSS. When I think of something less hateful and have some spare time I’ll do something different :) Is that what you were looking for?

  7. Whew, much better! I was beginning to worry that several decades of ignoring “stop it or you’ll go blind” warnings had come back to haunt me :-D

    Looks pretty good to me, but I reserve the right to bitch later :-D

  8. Ok, bold’s not terribly bold, but it might be enough tho I could push it if it’s bugging anyone.

    Links in comments are now brighter.

    Also fixed the multiple page nav now that we have multiple pages.

    Anything else?

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