Media Link: “A View from Afar” on supply chain bottlenecks, commodity (over) concentration and the need for post-pandemic structural reform.

datePosted on 10:21, October 24th, 2021 by Pablo

Selwyn Manning and I have created YouTube channels under our respective business names in order to promote the “A View from Afar” podcast series. The latest episode examines recent problems of global supply, production and exchange, using a micro-to-macro lens to discuss the interplay between economics, policy and politics in creating and hopefully ameliorating the failures of the pre-pandemic system of trade. You can find it here.

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  1. Edward Main on October 30th, 2021 at 15:04

    Hola Pablo !

    The following are personal reflections on some of the comments made throughout this podcast

    Approx. time
    13.00 SM ” Builders.. we can’t give you a fixed price Reminds me of my time in Buenos Aires in 1990 witnessing hyperinflation. Business couldn’t advertise prices in shop front windows and every time they made a sale they had to check with the supplier to see what to charge.

    22.30 PB Change comes internally
    I recently came the following link about Chile
    Interesting how Salvador’s Allende’s grandson talks of the
    importance on minor parties and independents in the recent
    election regarding the change of the constitution.
    What changes may happen here in the New Zealand political landscape in the near future given the antics and performance of MAGA in Wellington ??

    28.30 PB Trade agreement with the UK
    I am not sure this is such a good idea. Seems like a dying empire still trying to remain relevant and more subservience for New Zealand

    35.50 PB Warehouse on line
    Well I suppose this can’t be avoided given current circumstances. A shame really. I prefer my purchasing decisions to be personal interaction experiences

    49.00 PB Lithium Triangle
    I am not convinced lithium Battery vehicles are the way to go. Some Time ago a read an article on RT stating the amount of lithium in one car ( 60KGs ) could power 1000’s of bicycles. So for smaller devices / applications … yes. Larger applications no.
    For the larger applications why not alternative battery technologies such as Aluminium or hydrogen?
    What about alternative battery technology such as

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