Positive Feedback.

Ah, the joys of engaging in public debates. I got this gem over at my work email. Does anyone know who this lovely group might be?

>>From: National Interest Battalion <notonyourlife@gmail.com>
Subject: Are you a Jew?

Message Body:
Are you a Jew?

Stop your anti-Pakeha, economy and rights destroying propoganda. Or we’ll kill you.<<

I am going to wear my honorary Jew label with pride. But I do feel bad for the guy in Utah who had his email used by the author of this lovely missive.

UPDATE: Some metadata for the email: IP

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  1. Thanks Di,

    My wife thinks that I should call the cops because of the last line but TBH I have zero faith that the police will do anything for both good and bad reasons. I am not that concerned because my experience dealing with extremists dates back to the 80s and I have found that those who send such emails are unlikely to follow up on the their threats. It is all about intimidation. This email was sent at 10:30PM on a Friday night so perhaps they author had some liquid courage poured into him.

    We shall see if there is any follow up.

  2. I agree with your wife, Pablo, but you could be right about the Dutch courage aspect. I wonder if anyone associated with Paparoa might know who this person is.

  3. Yeah, I assume the anti-fascist network will eventually see this post or what I copied on twitter. But if not, there are others means to uncover those who seek to hide in darkness…

  4. Hi Di,

    Not sure what happened to my previous reply but it disappeared. Weird. As things stand I am getting closer to finding the author. Let’s just say that he is not in Utah.

  5. Thanks Barbara.

    These type of folk tend to be of the “all talk and no action” persuasion but we are tracking him down anyway.

  6. Good to hear you’re getting to the bottom of where the death threat came from, Pablo. I told hubby and he reckons you need to report it too.

  7. Di:

    The police can/will not do anything unless I get more evidence. The IP address I included in my update on the post has been assigned to 2 Degrees/Spark in Auckland, but is likely used by multiple users under a variable IP (as opposed to static IP) system where users are assigned IPs according to a subscriber to port ratio (which allows providers more flexibility managing bandwidth demand). Most large providers use the multiple user system.

    I am working to locate the tower from which the email was sent. I know the one on which the email was received. Any time we send or receive internet communications they are “pinged” on the towers relaying the message. Finding the right “ping” (time and date data from an IP) on a specific tower narrows things down considerably and can help the police identify the author. 2Degrees/Spark are unlikely to provide those details without a warrant so the more sleuthing that I and my colleagues can do, the better it will be should I need to alert the police.

    It does not appear that the author used a VPN to mask his message.

    As you know I also threw the IP number out of the consultancy twitter feed as a possible “crowdsourcing” of information about it. Might as well have some fun while I am on the case.

  8. Worth the effort to out some of these low lifes for several reasons; your personal safety, push back against right wing bully boy tactics, identifying the NZ security agencies position on such threats, and ISPs positions–given that they are bound to hand information on user traffic over to proscribed parts of the NZ State.

    Best wishes Pablo.

  9. Thanks for keeping us informed via your updates, Pablo. It’s more than disappointing that you have to do your own work before the police are prepared to look into the matter. What happens to the average Joe who may have threats made against them and without your expertise to be able to do all this work? I imagine it’s all pretty time consuming too. Having fun while you’re at it is good though. Hopefully whoever was responsible is now regretting ever
    making the threat. Buena suerte!

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