4 thoughts on “Starting ’em early.

  1. Heh heh, my son had his first breastfeed of the day with Morning Report as his soundtrack, and the penultimate feed at 7pm with tv current affairs in the background (back when it was more worth watching).

    The test will be – have I turned him onto politics, or switched him off? How much is he going to rebel against me v how much have I acculturated him to what I value?

  2. MeToo:

    That sounds like our house! We also play him a fair bit of jazz.

    I have two adult kids in the US and although one is married to a Republican (her greatest sin), her progressive influence on him has been greater than his retrograde influence on her. My oldest son continues to hold to the virtuous path and both he and his sister contribute to the common good, so given that the second son has a staunch post-Gramscian for a mother, I expect that he too will choose virtue over evil-doing. We shall see.

  3. Cute kid.

    I “erm”ed and “ahh”ed, wondering whether I wanted such toxic emails in my house. I still don’t know, but I’ll have plenty of time to offload the book before my sprog can read such words. (He has, unfortunately, learned his dad’s favourite curse phrase. For fuck’s sake.)

  4. S:

    I read him the sanitised fairytale version:

    “There once was a monster called Slater, who worked with trolls called Lusk, Odgers and Bhatnagar to create an evil empire led by a Collins witch and her scheming King Key while being applauded by Trotter the court jester. They worked hard to oppress the good folk of the land and steal their riches but were ultimately undone by a knight called Nicky and a rather odd giant by the name of Dotcom.”

    The moral of the tale? Do not be or help a mean-spirited, sociopathic, bullying, bigoted, xenophobic a**hole or karma will get you.

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