Choose your own Americapocalypse

Pretend you’re a USian for a moment, go to Slate and pick up to five things you reckon will bring about the fall of the United States of America.

As for me:


You are a humanitarian internationalist. You’re convinced mankind will terminate America—but at least we won’t off ourselves in the process. You’ll know you’re right when: Everyone on Earth pledges allegiance to a world government; the feds default on the national debt.

The yellow dot is me, the blue dot is the average. Hmm.

(Via bOING bOING.)


5 thoughts on “Choose your own Americapocalypse

  1. Oh dear. I’m a “Gaia-hating doomsayer”… I’m about at (+2,-1).

    You are a Gaia-hating doomsayer. You’re sure the natural world will destroy us, and there’s nothing we can do about it. You’ll know you’re right when: America gets crushed by an asteroid; a new ice age buries us under a glacier.

  2. After taking the test several times with different factors, they all came up with the same outcome – I’m a “Humanitarian Internationalist” too.

    Captcha: yo judaism

  3. Well, since I am a Yank is was worth a play. It turns out I am one quadrant to the left, same row as Lew–a humanitarian internationalist. That is because I see the decline as mostly internally driven and mostly structural (i.e. deficit spending; tax revolts; red versus blue; decadence; Chinese unload US bonds). No space aliens, rods from God (!!??) and world government for me, thanks.

  4. As someone on another group said, the only apocalypse which they have not allowed for is the invasion of flesh-eating zombies.
    A pity, since that’s the only one I am prepared for…

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