Crosby|Textor are at it again

They appear to only have one tactic, and they’re using it again. Last night’s Media 7 had a segment on Lynton Crosby’s recently aborted defamation action against Nicky Hager. Media 7, being responsible journalists, asked Lynton Crosby if he would like to come on the show, his response was a nasty gram through his lawyers threatening yet more legal action and heavying TVNZ into not discussing the case.

  • Media 7 is here (second segment), complete with nastygram and a good discussion of how the wealthy use our archaic and overcomplicted defamation laws to stifle dissent
  • Nicky Hager’s brief explanation of the case is here
  • The full detail is here

It’s nice to know the kind of people John Key chooses to take advice from

4 thoughts on “Crosby|Textor are at it again

  1. “responsible journalists”? Come off it.


    Media 7 aren’t responsible?

    Media 7 aren’t journalists?

    It wasn’t responsible journalism to invite Lynton Crosby?

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  3. The criticisms of Talkback Radio are valid.

    Talkback radio is unfair on minorities.

    ZB Radio seems particularly conservative to the point of being right wing.

    Do we always need to remember who the advertisers are?

    They pitch at the conservative mainstream – not necessarily a majority of NZers, but at least a good chunk of those spending any money!

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