ACT and National Front to announce merger.

That is about all I can figure after reading this about Louis Crimp, Act’s largest individual donor in the 2011 election. The line about Invercargill is priceless but there are several other gems as well. Mr. Crimp appears to be getting PR advice from Kyle Chapman or Jim Beam, so why keep up the pretense any more and not just announce the merger of the two white rights movements?  Better yet, once John Banks gets the inevitable boot from parliament, perhaps the AKKKT Party can dip into some of that NF talent pool for a replacement.

AKKKT–a political cough in the larger scheme of things, but a full throated sputum of the NZ Right.

17 thoughts on “ACT and National Front to announce merger.

  1. Kiaora Pablo.

    I awoke to check my emails and it was the Louis Crimp article that I read.

    Not all Māori are jailbird, lazy beneficiaries who are uneducated.

    I speak both English and my native reo, Māori.

    Crimp is entitled to his opinions, just like we all are.

    As per usual, I gave my opinions in twitter and I also emailed the ‘Forgetful One’ and his Thespian Party’s president…

    Only those with Proficienc​y and Alert Skills need reply…th​at counts you out OBSFUCATIO​US ONE.

    Louis Crimp said he believed he had the support of Brash, Banks and other “white New Zealanders”.

    Your nothing but a damn “white New Zealander[s] crook. Like that OLD CRIMPED FOOL

    I don’t like KIMDOTCOM, I prefer people who come to my country to be of good character and whom will add to our economy with their legitimate skills and qualifications – Not the opposite.

    You took his donations knowingly also gifts and you LIED…but thats a typical action of a “white new Zealander” of your ILK.

    I am a proud Maori wahine but also through my Papa a proud Pakeha wahine and I was blessed to have two wonderful parents who were not drunks and criminals.

    By the way Pablo, to NeilM and the likes…I don’t give a TOSS what you ALL say.

  2. You gotta hand it to Louis for being honest about his mindset. And at his age, he’ll probably have one foot in the grave already.

    I’m far more scared of society’s hidden bigots, who are mild-mannered in person but turn into David Duke on steroids when they post on the Web. Also those who dress up their bigotry in a posh suit & tie, and re-frame it as ‘public safety’ or ‘protecting tradition’, like Michael Laws.

  3. A quick glance at the comments section of kiwiblog shows the hardcore minority of racists love Mr. Crimp. From what I can galean from their personal comments, they are pretty much of Mr. Crimps colour, gender and only a decade or two behind his demographic. In other words, a bunch of elderly white men who are rather bitter that their lives turned out to be not as successful as they expected it to be and they are not as wealthy as they think they deserve to be, and blame this on the world not being the personal realisation they think it should be.

    They are both more numerous than those of us who are happy with our lot think and less in number than their outpouring of race hate and bile on the un-censored internet (lets face it, no newspaper would bother publish the racist bullshit of Adolf Fiinkensein – especially as they seldom allow fake names) would seem to indicate.

  4. Sanctuary:

    Let’s hope that you are right and that this crowd of keyboard cowards is a distinct minority. But should the numbers grow against what is perceived to be a permanent brown underclass and parasitic elite coddled by PC entitlements, then I fear that Waitakere Man will become a Klansman in attitude. The folk you refer to are already there, so my concern is with the radicalization of those who currently lean center-right.

    Since this is not an area of my expertise I shall defer to Anita and Lew on the resonance Mr. Crimp’s views may have in the larger NZ body politic. However, the fact that he has aired them repeatedly and is not repudiated by AKKKT indicates to me that there is something ugly simmering beneath the political surface, and that it may not be confined to AKKKT.

  5. Pablo, the people who express agreement with Mr. Crimp are pretty much completely isolated from the political/media mainstream debate and are represented as having extremist views at odds with the national myth and generally as being alien to the Kiwi way of life. They’ll remain so unless they get some serious money, talent and become the useful idiots for a wider political agenda. At the moment, The capitalist class thinks it can court Maori into being happy little members of the established capitalist order. The Maori Party has done nothing to challenge this comfortable assessment. However, I note today that it is possible that the previously intractable dispute between Talley’s and it’s workforce looks suddenly close to settlement, not the least reason being the behind the scenes pressure of Iwi groups and the threat of a stock strike by Maori farmers in support of the largely Maori workforce. To much of that sort of thing simply will not do for our capitalists, and if Maori look at all like they will not be subverted easily into playing their designated role as another pillar of the established capitalist order then we can expect a reeving of the current solidarity in the media/political elites and an enormous anti-Maori backlash from all sorts of suddenly well-funded astroturfing groups.

  6. Mr Crimp is sounding even more unhinged right now. And it seems he’s never even heard of Dutchmen…

    “Tonight Mr Crimp commented on what a “strange name” Mr de Bres had.

    “Where does he come from?” He asked Campbell Live.”

    If Crimp isn’t being so deathly serious, he’d be just like Kyle Chapman.

  7. I just realised how old Mr. Crimp is! That got me thinking. Louis Crimp is an 82 year old man from Invercargill, a place that for much of his life was a profoundly isolated intellectual backwater of a country that itself was (until satellites and the internet eased it a bit) a profoundly isolated intellectual backwater. Is it surprising that a man his age should share the intellectually backward views of his formative time and place?

    It seems to me Mr. Crimp politics are similar to most of the well-off white settler class in the rural backwaters of the Commonwealth of his time. Racial isolationism, a eugenicists view of racial essentialism, and all topped off with a dollop of dislike of Maori drawn from his class bias.

  8. Sanctuary: That is all fine and dandy but how do you explain his interest in having sex in/on a tree? Could he be the missing link to our simian ancestors, cut off from modern courtship rituals by the isolation you describe?

  9. Hugh:

    Just because you and Mr. Crimp like to play that way does not mean that the rest of us should monkey see, monkey do.

  10. @Pablo: Personally I don’t judge other people’s sexual practices as long as they only involve consenting adult human beings.

  11. @Hugh I believe the preposition was ‘against’ as in ‘Have you ever had sex against a tree’, not “in” a tree, which sounds somewhat more dangerous and probably more exciting. As a tree hugger I’d prefer ‘Have you ever had sex with a tree’.

  12. @James: Ohhhhhh. That’s not nearly so interesting, I mean who hasn’t done that? (Except severe agoraphobes, I guess?)

  13. ‘Have you ever had sex against a tree’

    You all have the filthy minds typical of your liberal and leftist leanings.

    Clearly Mr Crimp is asking if sex is something you might have against a tree, in a similar way that being full of crime and welfare is something one might have against Māori.

  14. I hope the taxpayer is not subsidising the viagra Mr. Crimp’s glad eye towards Treebeard clearly implies.

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