The kiwipolitico perspective.

This blog is grounded in a democratic socialist/analytic Marxist perspective. It values the collective well-being and inter-class solidarity and has an abiding interest in public policy and the political process. Its orientation with regards to international affairs, geopolitics, security and intelligence issues is  predominantly realist, whereas its approach to domestic politics tends to be grounded in socioeconomic class analysis and concerns for the collective good. It is committed to providing an independent, critical commentary on political issues in New Zealand and overseas.


Pablo (pablo@kiwipolitico.com)

Raised in Latin America by expat American parents and attracted to anti-authoritarian politics beginning in his early teens, he combined a career in academia with episodic forays into the US security and defence apparatus before emigrating to New Zealand in 1997. After ten years in New Zealand academia followed by three in Singapore, he is now engaged in political risk consulting with an emphasis on Australasian-global relations. His interests are in comparative labour politics, labour market dynamics, comparative regime change, comparative democracy, comparative foreign policy, international relations, strategic thought, intelligence analysis, threat (net) assessment and unconventional warfare.

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