The hits keep coming

Tara Te Heke has been reading from the Ayn Rand playbook with her idea of a DPB party. Classic troll, and devastatingly effective. There are some truly vile things being said there, and in amongst it, the earnest lunacy of a 3,000-word biblical anti-sermon apparently intended as a sort of Turing test. There’s so much baying on the thread that I’m not sure if anyone has come up with the quote about democracy being two cannibals and a vegetarian voting on what to have for dinner, but it can’t be far off.

The thing I can’t wait for is DPF getting back and answering his doubters, haters and watchers. Whatever else it is, this guest post experiment has been wonderful theatre.


17 thoughts on “The hits keep coming

  1. I like the idea of a DPB party, though it’s probably a Kiwiblogger’s worst nightmare.

    I have been amused by the reaction to her posts. It’s as if the regulars feel violated because someone different has stepped into their closed little world. The reaction to her is becoming more and more rabid.

    I wonder how many of these men have ever met a beneficiary.

  2. Think of it as a round-up of the KB commentariat herd, stampeding in a tight whirl of outrage. Means they have less time to infest other sites

  3. At first all the comments made me sad and mad, then I started to find it all funny, now I am getting a little scared.

  4. The sad thing is, this is kind of what Labour is -supposed- to be, if we go back to the ideas of its founders. Oh well.

  5. It’s nice that dpf has dressed his sharktank fodder in a maori name, it will be interesting to see the fur fly when the real identity is outed

  6. It’s nice that dpf has dressed his sharktank fodder in a maori name, it will be interesting to see the fur fly when the real identity is outed

    Maybe it’s him?

  7. Interesting partial comment moderation seems to confirm up-thread speculation:

    And if this (edited – we don’t reveal your identity Ruby) trying to be funny then she should stick to the posting crap about married men department. Humour is clearly not one of her skills.

  8. Tara Te Heke has been reading from the Ayn Rand playbook with her idea of a DPB party.

    What’s the Rand reference about then?

  9. … on sober reflection the theory I was trying to imply above doesn’t really cut it. I don’t believe Kate has the imagination.

  10. No, Kate lacks the empathy. She is too much of a social darwinist to do this..

  11. StephenR, I see you haven’t read Atlas Shrugged :) The proposed party is a troll on the idea that if society rewards the unproductive there will be no incentive to produce, and the unproductive will inevitably end up ruling the productive (by democratic tyranny).

    I know it’s laid out at least a dozen times through AS in Rand’s marvellously strident manner, but I don’t have a copy to hand so you’ll have to settle for this from the lexicon:

    Morally and economically, the welfare state creates an ever accelerating downward pull. Morally, the chance to satisfy demands by force spreads the demands wider and wider, with less and less pretense at justification. Economically, the forced demands of one group create hardships for all others, thus producing an inextricable mixture of actual victims and plain parasites. Since need, not achievement, is held as the criterion of rewards, the government necessarily keeps sacrificing the more productive groups to the less productive, gradually chaining the top level of the economy, then the next level, then the next. (How else are unachieved rewards to be provided?)
    There are two kinds of need involved in this process: the need of the group making demands, which is openly proclaimed and serves as cover for another need, which is never mentioned—the need of the power-seekers, who require a group of dependent favor-recipients in order to rise to power. Altruism feeds the first need, statism feeds the second, Pragmatism blinds everyone—including victims and profiteers—not merely to the deadly nature of the process, but even to the fact that a process is going on.

    There you go. License to be a hater.


  12. I don’t think i’ll be reading that one anytime soon…

    There you go. License to be a hater.

    Ah right, thanks. Yeah i’ve seen that idea about from people who think only those earning ‘…100,000 nah stuff it 200,000’ should be the only ones to get the vote. It has something to it in the way that DPF expresses it when he frets about a government getting as high a proportion of the population receiving some sort of ‘hand out’ in order to disadvantage opposition parties IMHO.

  13. A couple of years ago, I realized the best way to avoid getting upset by KiwiBlog comment threads is not to read them. (I still read the blog; but hardly ever the comments.) Since then, my blog-reading has been simplified in a wonderful way, and my faith in humanity is finding life much easier now that I don’t subject it to regular beatings.

    Seeing this post, I succumbed to temptation and followed the link. May I please have back the ten minutes of my life you just took away?

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