Voting for participation

It is rare in NZ that we get a chance to participate simply because people campaigned for that chance, and this referendum is one of those chances. 300,000 people signed a petition and hundreds of people carried those petitions around, arranged for people to sign them, and for them to be returned, counted and presented to Parliament.

I don’t agree with their opinion about smacking, but I agree with their attitude to democracy and participation.

So this is your chance. If you haven’t voted in the referendum yet, do it now! Votes  posted on Thursday (early enough for collection) will be counted.

2 thoughts on “Voting for participation

  1. I just find it astounding that this referendum is likely to have a turnout of 60% whereas Local Elections turnout barely scratches 50%. I think both turnouts are disgusting but surely local government is more important than a smacking referendum.

    Voted minute the ballot came. I voted No. I don’t think the current law is evil. I don’t even believe it needs to be changed. But neither did I see the law as necessary. But my real reason for voting no is I read the question quite literally and had to say no.

  2. I see the no voters are having an ideologial rift. Baldock thinks that its OK for hit kids with wooden spoons, whether McCroskie, Savill, Boscaowen(sp), and so are just settling with the open hand.

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