Analysis Link: Democratic intelligence oversight.

The Snowden revelations have brought to the fore the issue of oversight and accountability on the part of intelligence agencies in democracies. In this analytic brief I outline ideal type principles and practicalities of democratic intelligence oversight. The idea is to offer a conceptual basis for understanding how democratic intelligence oversight should work with an eye to promoting practical reforms to that end.

One thought on “Analysis Link: Democratic intelligence oversight.

  1. One suspects that 99% of the targets of Whahopai are selected by the other five eyes and analysed by them. In terms of human intelligence and issues in NZ the policy of the five eyes, presumably excepting the USA, is that the other partners anaylse your issues and people. So given in the past, Canada and Ottawa seems to have done the bulk of Kiwi analysis , the issue re NZ is do the Candians , their security services even the Canadian mounted police or is the work transferred to our far less capable SIS and unsuitable NZ Police. Which would be unfortunate and is apparently the desire wish of the hard left ie Ann Salmond, Cath Wallace and Sue Bradford.

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