MMP in NZ is really safe

As I’ve said before, Peter Shirtcliffe’s campaign to scupper MMP (again) is probably a blessing in disguise for the electoral status quo in New Zealand. If any further evidence were required, the following should suffice for now:

The speech bubbles are blank because Peter is running a caption competition to find a punchline. Demonstrating piercing insight into his relevance to NZ politics, he has chosen the Kiwiblog Right for these words of inspiration. Personally, I think that leaving them blank perfectly captures the character of this campaign: inchoate, futile, tone-deaf irrelevance.

Hopefully he won’t be too disheartened by the far-from-enthusiastic response of Farrar’s captive authoritarians.


4 thoughts on “MMP in NZ is really safe

  1. SR, I have a theory that the KB comments section is sort of like a halfway house for folk who aren’t satisfied with just ranting down at the TAB, but are too chicken to call talkback or write letters-to-the-editor or any of the other eminently-useful things that living in a free democracy permits them to do. DPF provides them just enough of an outlet to maintain a permanent state of ranty arousal, but the pressure doesn’t usually build sufficiently that they might crack and do something really outrageous — like make a submission to a select committee.


  2. Entirely plausible. I’d be too tired to make a SC submission after the days some of those guys have!

  3. The words for the speech bubbles aren’t the only bits that are missing. Also strangely absent are Shirtcliffe et al disappearing off with the family silver after they get FPP back.

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