Hello tworld!

With the arrival of my second child, my time just got more valuable. When better to engage in a medium which brutally enforces parsimony?

(You can now follow me on twitter. No guarantees as to coherence. Yes, the message above did take me ages to cut to 140 characters.)


14 thoughts on “Hello tworld!

  1. Great news and congrats. I was going to say something about the next generation of KP in the making, but then remembered the old adage that children tend to reject their parent’s political views, at least while teenagers. My own kids are sort of in-between. Not completely progressive, not reactionaries, politically aware but not involved. Arrrggghhh!. They say it is my fault.

    Again, my heartfelt congratulations. That does not mean I am gonna indulge no Twitter mania (sic).

  2. Funny. I’d always imagined Lew as an old politics professor somewhere. Maybe you are, but in a Hugh Hefner kind of way.

    Congratulations, and may you have less sleepless nights than Phil Goff.

  3. Pat, hilarious. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Thanks for the congratulations, all. Now to watch the Go Show instead of listening to Morning Report … sigh.


  4. Congrats Lew. Nappies, bawling, mush, sleep deprivation. Having got past that stage a while ago, I envy you not

  5. Congratulations – enjoy having more time for wiggling and get ready to giggle.

  6. Whoo hoo Lew! and then there were two! Hearty congrats to you both and all the best for the “whanau whero”!

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