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I don’t have much time today, but wanted to note the above image of John Key in an All White strip after this morning’s 1-1 victory over Italy. The significance of the event notwithstanding, the slightest chance of a result such as this, and its reflected glory, was surely a significant reason for Key to attend the All Whites-Italy match. Fair enough, too.

It also reminded me of when then-PM Helen Clark donned a Kiwis Warriors jersey after a momentous rugby league victory (2005 Tri-Nations?). But for the life of me, I can’t find a photo of that event. I know it was pretty well-seen at the time — footage of the team celebrations with Clark was part of the post-match TV broadcast and made the news, but it’s like the stills have just vanished down the memory hole.

Ironically, while googling, I did find a photo of John Key as a Warrior, though this one is apparently advertising bumpf:

(H/T NZ Conservative, who asked “I wonder if Helen would have done it?” Well, wonder no more.)

Those look suspiciously like Steve Price’s forearms.

Edit: Pat, in the comments, points out that I’m probably remembering the Warriors, not the Kiwis. Probably right. There are certainly a bunch of PR shots of Clark with the team after their 19 September 2009 playoff win over the Roosters — conveniently just a couple of weeks before the general election.

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Thanks Pat.


5 thoughts on “Visual perks of office

  1. Crikey, that was a rush job. Let me rewrite that without the typos, if I can.

    Well,to be fair, Helen had long been a patron of rugby league, being associated with one of the West Auckland clubs for years as patron. A job she took seriously, so rugby league friends tell me. (The club was either Mt Albert or Pt Chev, or both, as I recall.)

  2. PC, I’ve deleted your typo-ridden post. My original could do with a rewrite as well, but meh, time is short.

    Yes, you’re right — Helen was a staunch leaguey, endorsed for the election by Stacey Jones and all. But I seem to recall Key being an EPL season-ticket holder, (Chelsea? I forget.) So maybe it’s a fair go.


  3. Yes Lew,

    Thought I’d just back up Peter here. The Labour party has a long association with league. Helen was the patron of NZ rugby league, and David Lange before here.

    Haven’t heard much from Key about his support for football prior to this.

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