UNDRIP redux

I’ve written an awful lot on the topic of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples on The Standard today. But my argument is essentially unchanged from what I wrote on 8 May 2009.

You can read it here.


2 thoughts on “UNDRIP redux

  1. You fought a good fight. After 12 rounds I gave you the points decision.

    Graeme E also shone a bright light on the issue.

    On reflection, it seems to me that Key and Sharples played the thing rather well.

    Sharples was right that the signing was important and a victory for Maori. Maybe not right now, but in the slow turning of the UN wheel over the next 20 years, as Graeme E points out. He rightfully gets the kudos from Maoridom – his constituents.

    Key was right that it is not a big deal, because it doesn’t change anything right now. Key has to keep his constituents calm and not scare the horses, because those white horses with the red manes scare awfully easily. One day their kids will see the big picture, but right now, the horses are a skittery mob. So best not to give them any advance warning, and just do the right thing and sign it.

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