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Given that in 20 months’ time, we’ll be able to watch the All Blacks get thrashed on four different free-to-air channels simultaneously, why can’t we watch the All Whites get thrashed by Mexico on even one channel today?


7 thoughts on “Important question

  1. ….curse these damned tellyban ruggermentalists…

    (it is on Sky Stevo – but not on what the tories refer to as “peasant TV”)

  2. Are you not aware of the concept of cultural hegemony? I thought you were academics?

  3. Can’t understand why you want or expect to “watch the All Blacks get thrashed”. Not a particularly patriotic comment, but your call.

    The soccer, a mere “friendly”, was screened live on Sky TV – I watched it. Why are you unwilling to pay for your specialised viewing, or must everything be supplied by the Government?

  4. Yeah, I was talking about free-to-air TV. The Bahrain match was screened free-to-air, why not this one? Carrier, it’s not that I want the All Blacks to get thrashed, but that’s been true in the past as well. As for me actually being able to watch it — I work in a media office: we have a big stack of sky decoders and I can watch what I like. So it’s not about me. And what the hell has it got to do with the government?

    Rich, I don’t even see what you’re on about here. Yes, hegemony. Huh?


  5. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest becuase firstly I’m not interested in either sport and don’t waste time watching TV :-)

  6. The Bahrain match was a competitive World Cup final qualifier, while the Mexico match was a friendly. I pointed out the latter fact in my comment, but strangely you seem to have ignored it as a factor.

    If popular sport is on free-to-air it’s usually screened through a Government-funded channel and/or (as in RWC 2011) because of Government intervention in response to (anticipated) public pressure. I see your original comment as very much that kind of pressure.

    If an offshore “friendly” match (in a sport in which NZ is ranked only 80th in the world) has any real viewer appeal for free-to-air channels like TV3, you can be sure that they would screen it. Otherwise, Government largesse is the only avenue that will meet your free-to-air whim.

    My view is that you (or your office if you like) should pay for your own minority viewing tastes, not the Government.

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