Chris hitting his stride

It’s well known to most that Chris Trotter and I have had considerable differences. But despite them, I must say that when he’s on form it can be a sight to behold.

So it is with his latest set-piece about Auckland governance, which gives voice to the intuitive disquiet felt by many, weaving many of the themes behind the sometimes tentative and incoherent criticism of the (aptly-named) Supercity plan into a cohesive polemic narrative, putting meat on those bones and placing these recent events in a historical context which resonates.

Required reading, whether or not you agree with it, and deserving of a wider audience than the blogosphere generally provides.


3 thoughts on “Chris hitting his stride

  1. Yes a very good post from Mr Trotter and that was after another very moving and excellent post about Te Rongomai o Te Karaka, as i stated in my post about his post

    “The writing I enjoy the most from Mr Trotter is when I feel his heart. This latest post is a good example where I really connect with the narrative and the emotions and the writer is part of that and infuses the prose with their unique voice. I encourage you to go and have a read.”

    On a side note – The Standard has been down for just about 24 hours now – hope they get it sorted soon.

  2. It is getting worse at the standard … they now suggest you call back in 240 minutes. Like the “back in 5 minutes” notice it is not very helpful since when was the first minute :-)

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