Suppressing resident participation


The National-Act government are going against the Royal Commission’s recommendations in an attempt to weaken resident participation, consultation and influence.


The National-aligned mayor, Kerry Prendergast, and centre-right Council are trying to remove the public’s right to be consulted on buildings on our beautiful public waterfront.


Labour MP, Clayton Cosgrove, is trying to remove residents’ right to be heard using the Resource Management Act in an attempt to give the airport carte blanche to create as much noise whenever and however they like.

One thought on “Suppressing resident participation

  1. The government seems to have back-tracked on many of the changes to the Royal Commission’s report into Auckland’s governance. We might actually end up with something even better than what the Royal Commission proposed.

    Plus, the select committee heard over 800 submissions on the proposed changes. Not really suppressing resident participation in my opinion.

    Not that I really want to defend the government too much.

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