KP search terms: objectivism, werewolves and tumeke bro!

I happened to be looking at our logs (weird malformed URLs which 404 *shrug*) and noticed our search terms listing, odd as usual, so here are some of my favourites from the last week:

  • objectivism and harry potter
  • should women only use provacation as a defence
  • werewolf ian wishert – 5 hits, really!
  • who is matthew hooton
  • why is new zealand racist sexist and homophobic
  • Latin America progressive forces on the decline
  • tumeke bro
  • herald mental illness 2009
  • mutual exploitation model of the media
  • social movement unionism
  • what will happen if there’s no intellectual property
  • taliban negotiating table afghanistan mission territories

and finally, the ever present reminder of this post:

  • pink

Looking at the search terms always makes me marvel at the eclectic readership we must have, but today I’m concerned that we’re not meeting your expectations. So, in the spirit of BLiP, can anyone answer in 25 words any of the implicit questions? After all, what is the connection between objectivism and Harry Potter? Why is New Zealand racist, sexist and homophobic? and who really is Matthew Hooton?

5 thoughts on “KP search terms: objectivism, werewolves and tumeke bro!

  1. I noticed the predominance of ‘pink’ and have tried (in vain) to get a hit on that pink/blue post using the term ‘pink’ and nothing else. Far as I figure it can’t be done. But someone’s doing it.

    Regarding Objectivism and Harry Potter – there’s a book I once linked to called Values of Harry Potter: Lessons for Muggles in which the author:

    illuminat[es] the heroic fight for life-promoting values, the hero’s need for independence, and the role of choice in virtue. Drawing on the ideas of Aristotle and Ayn Rand, Armstrong then critiques the Christian elements of self-sacrifice and immortality, arguing that they ultimately clash with the essential nature of the hero as exemplified by Harry Potter and his allies.

    (Sorry, I’m too verbose for 25-word anythings).


  2. Surely the characterisation in Harry Potter is too deep for a valid comparison with Rand?

  3. Hi KP .. funnily enough, I wrote an article for ‘The Free Radical’, (can I mention that mag here?!), two years ago on HP, being a huge fan, myself.

    There are certainly parallels with freedom versus state interference/oppression.


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