Media Link: AVFA on the Ruso-Ukrainian conflict and what is to come.

I have not been up to blogging that much as of late for various reasons but continue to do the “A View from Afar” podcast series with Selwyn Manning. This week we reviewed the current status of the Ruso-Ukrainian conflict and explore the broader (economic, diplomatic and longer-term) aspects of it. In short: time is on the Russian side when non-military considerations are factored in, so the Ukrainians have to make the most of the current strategic moment.

2 thoughts on “Media Link: AVFA on the Ruso-Ukrainian conflict and what is to come.

  1. Thanks so much for your discussion, insightful, intelligent, and wide-ranging. I still can’t see Putin winning this war. The winter will tell. (…Or … it may drag on, into another northern spring/summer…)
    I don’t think China will furnish Russia with weapons, though they may supply electronics as you said.
    Yes, I think Western estimations of Russian casualties/deaths are exaggerated ….(I have long thought that).
    No, sanctions are very Western-centric … not sure what will happen with Europe come winter.
    But those countries who prevaricate (the Balkans) – surely the thought that they may be ruled by or even friends with an authoritarian regime would be enough to seal popular opposition to Putin (I have a seen headline to the effect that Putin is losing the propaganda war in the Balkans … or is that Western propaganda too) .

    The underlying motivation for all humanity is towards FREEDOM in its widest expression, and that is what the West represents. Even in its poorly evolved forms (eg. politically).

    We look forward to your next discussion – on that note.

    Thanks so much, stay safe.

  2. Cheers Barbara,

    Always good to hear from you and I am glad that you found the show of interest.

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