Media Link: “A View from Afar” on YouTube.

I am glad to report that the “A View from Afar” podcast is now available on the 36th Parallel Assessments YouTube channel. As a teaser, the first video is taken from an interview done in Karekare with German TV about the scourge of white supremacism/right-wing extremism.

2 thoughts on “Media Link: “A View from Afar” on YouTube.

  1. Yes this right wing stuff must be stamped out whatever totalitarian processes are used, Here’e your man Pablo. Stick to it pal till the end if you have the guts.

  2. Ah, an old fashioned troll, and with a troll link as well! We have not had one since Paul Scott left the premises. At least Paul mixed up his silly pseudonyms with his real name from time to time, unlike this sad sack.

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