Latin 101: Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi

I am in the middle of writing up a post on the only true rock star of NZ politics but given the growing furor/scandal around the Panama Papers that’s sucking in politicians and governments around the world, including our own safe little tax haven/shelter in NZ, this particular piece of Latin sprang to mind recently and keeps on echoing as I read about various politicians trying to dodge difficult questions about their taxes.

It means “Gods may do what cattle may not”.

Readers may note that just rolls off the tongue when said (or chanted) and could make a nice placard for any planned protests.

The sentiment though is one displayed by elites around the world time and time again and just reinforces the need for greater scrutiny and fairness of the tax system in NZ (and elsewhere). Sadly while John Key has caved to pressure to allow “independent” review of our Tax system, he has not taken the David Cameron like step of disclosing his full taxes.

I’m not going to say much more but its nice to see Andrew Little and Labour trying to make hay with this one but Little has also tempered that by announcing a coming party retreat in Dunedin to work on policy/strategy etc and that the main focus will still be job/economy/housing/education (read same old stuff).

If Labour has any moxie they will be taking this, and any other related issues, to the limit as this is the perfect stick to beat Key and Co with unless Labour has its own tax baggage hidden away.

I wonder….

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