Felizes Fiestas y Prospero Ano Nuevo a nuestros lectores.

I am spending Xmas in Otago with my partner’s family and just wanted to wish our readers the best for the festive season and a very happy, healthy, prosperous and productive New Year. KP has built a faithful cadre of intelligent readers and commentators, and we continue to chug along nicely in our niche of the blogosphere. Much thanks for contributing to our modest success. And thanks to Lew and Anita for being such good collaborators even in the face of obstacles and other pressing business.

As for me, I have already received the best Xmas present I could possibly hope for: my partner has been offered a job at a NZ university so we are both coming back permanently in 2011. I may no longer be in academia but at least she is and I can work on the consultancy without fear of losing everything if it does not work out. Plus, once back in NZ we can write our collaborative and individual articles about the SE Asian country we have lived in the past 3 years without fear of deportation or defamation lawsuits. There is much material that needs to see the light of day, so I am looking forward to being able to put thoughts to paper on that score.

In any event, may your holidays be as happy as mine.

5 thoughts on “Felizes Fiestas y Prospero Ano Nuevo a nuestros lectores.

  1. Pablo,

    Thanks for the cheer – and discussions we have had 2010.

    I am sure we all will have a great 2011, I know I will.

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours, also, Pablo.

    May New Zealand academia soon get over its pettiness and jealousy and restore you to the place where you belong – a lecture theatre full of young New Zealanders.

  3. Merry Christmas Pablo,

    Thank you for providing such a thoughtful and interesting blog. I’m glad it’s all worked out well for you guys.

    I wish you and your partner all the best for the end of year gathering of the clan and the coming year!

    Warm regards
    Dave Waugh of the patrol 4 diaspora.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours Pablo. I am glad to hear things have worked out well for you both.

    Now all you need is to get some decent leads for BSAL. Good luck!

  5. Hallelujah and a feliz año nuevo to you both! Looking forward to some excellent posting in the 2011.

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