A Quarter Million Page Views.

In the scheme of all blog things, it is a small milestone but still worth a mention. Yesterday we passed 250,000 page views. It has been 18 months since KP started up, and we have built a steady readership base since then. We tend to get between 300-600 page views per day, 200-300 on the weekends. Given that we average around +/- 20 posts a month, that is not too bad. I expect that readership will increase once Anita comes back on line after her hiatus.

I tend to think of KP as a”boutique” blog: non-partisan. non-orthodox and non- doctrinaire Left,  more studied (some would say over-intellectualised) than slanted, as much class-oriented as it is post-modern (especially when it comes to identity, environment and gender), with posts that are considerably longer than the norm. For NZ it is also different in the amount of coverage dedicated to comparative politics, international relations and security affairs. It takes a certain type of reader to enjoy such a mix, and given our rules of decorum, a certain type of commentator to reflect on the posts.

All of which is to say thanks for the reading. We shall endeavour to keep providing informed commentary and critical analysis of contemporary issues, and we hope that you will keep us honest with your thoughtful critiques and points of order.

5 thoughts on “A Quarter Million Page Views.

  1. Well done on progress so far. Blogging is a thing that we would all like to make more time for but know that our other responsibilities mean we should definitely devote less. I have two unfinished debates with Lew reflecting that (and the difficulty of rebutting his points). I enjoy the quiet respite provided here where civilised discussion can take place over an extended period. It makes a nice change from the often rude and unproductive debate elsewhere.

    My feeling is that you could certainly sustain additional authors. At present there may be a couple of days between comments, let alone posts. I wonder whether Chris Trotter would post here and gain the benefit of the additional commentariat.

  2. Phil:

    I think that once Anita returns we should be good to go as far as daily posting, to say nothing of the fact that she adds a whole new dimension to what Lew and I do. As for Chris, I dare say that he does not like to share his soapbox with anyone, much less those who may disagree with his considered views.

  3. Dare I say it, but Chris would barely be a better fit for this site than you, Phil.

    I regret my sporadic posting and replying — life, getting in the way, and all that. I’m about to take another hiatus as well: second baby due in a few weeks.

    As for additional posters: we’ve offered posting rights to several regulars, and (despite accepting the offers) none have actually taken up the quill, for reasons which I assume are at least slightly similar to my case. It’s a shame, since some discussion threads and comments are certainly worthy of more thorough treatment, and the added diversity would be beneficial.


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