Brekekekex koax koax

The Associated Press reports a horde of frogs has forced the closure of a main highway in Greece:

Speculation is rife as to what this omen portends. The direst prediction I’ve come across reckons the frogs could be predicting an earthquake. For reals.

So perhaps Greece has bigger — or at least more elemental — things to worry about than elite capture of the political process, broken public-private sector relations and massive indebtedness. Hopefully not. Those things are bad enough.


7 thoughts on “Brekekekex koax koax

  1. Or it could portend various 2,000 year old dramatists coming back from the dead. Zombie Aeschylus terrorising Athens?

  2. Heck, if you think that a frog exodus is a bad omen, then check this out:

    Also, Eddie C: Thessaloniki (close to where the frogs cavorted) is nowhere near Athens. For zombie-like critters “terrorising” Athens, I refer you to my previous post on anarchist dogs (especially the explanatory comments from a Greek reader).

  3. Pablo – well the Aristophanes reference kind of required Athens; Aeschylus was brought back from Hades by Dionysus to save Athens, not Thessaloniki (which I do realise is way up in the North of Greece). So really, it’s Lew’s fault for his post title and tags not matching the body of his post (said with tongue firmly in cheek).

  4. Eddie C.: I got the point of your reference, which was well-taken. I was just being pedantic.

  5. Maybe it’s a good old fashioned biblical plague. Expect waves of locusts, lice and flies to arrive next.

    As to why God would be so angry with Greece, well it’s been a busy couple of millennia for him (what with various religious controversies and crusades), so perhaps he’s only just realised what the Spartan men were getting up to in their campaign tents.

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