Deeply subversive

Some of you will know that I take perverse joy in waking up to Geoff Robinson and Sean Plunket each morning,* and I regard Sean as one of the country’s best interviewers (and the best hard-news interviewer, though Mary Wilson gives him a fair run some days). Pablo has written about Radio NZ’s treatment of him over his bid to write a column for Metro, and I think it’s fair to say he (Sean) is pretty sore about the whole affair. He does not strike me as one to trifle with, and though I can’t quite put my finger on it, I think something very subtle is going on with Sean Plunket’s new blog: Sean Makes Crafts.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Sean. We watch with interest.

Update: It seems Poneke and The Standard got onto this before me.

Update 2: Sean Plunket denies he has anything to do with it. Well, that’s just the sort of thing he would do, wouldn’t he?


* Not only me. My daughter, just turned 1, does a little dance when she hears the Morning Report music. Strange, but true.

3 thoughts on “Deeply subversive

  1. Somehow I get the feeling he intends to poke his employers – quite softly and with a blunt stick – over and over and over and over and over……

    Also, are you concerned about the dancing?

  2. From Poneke:

    “…He must be feeling invincible…”

    Methinks Mr. Plunkett is not long for Morning Report.

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