1. I’m trying not to follow this story too closely, but… is anyone doing anything about providing support to the rape victim? Or prosecuting the rapist? Or providing some parenting skills development to the mother?

  2. Anita, yeah, CPS and Police and Rape Crisis and all sorts all jumped in with both feet.


  3. Dunno Lew – a firm response would have been for the network to announce that the hosts of the show (and producers if they were involved) had been stood down on the same day or the day after the incident not after the advertisers and public had made their position untenable.

    Still at least they’ve got their come uppance – sounded like the mother needed a swift kick up the backside as well.

  4. HS, that would have been an unprecedented response :)


  5. A little more justice dribbles in, although it would appear to have more to do with Australian Idol ratings than recompense for the victim.

  6. Yeah, the ‘firm’ response intended to refer to the wider societal response. Advertisers withdrawing and TV shows cutting ties represents social sanction too.


  7. If only business realised it is part of the social fabric society and not some “Sixth Estate” that is to be accorded special priviledges.

  8. “HS, that would have been an unprecedented response :)”

    And more’s the pity.

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