Curran confirmed

I can confirm claims by Trevor Mallard and Clare Curran on The Standard that Curran attempted to prevent the guilt by accusation copyright law from taking effect by today seeking leave to introduce a bill, but was prevented from doing so by National members. Audio is here.

Scoop also confirms it.


4 thoughts on “Curran confirmed

  1. Anita,

    Over at frogblog Metiria Turei explains that Curran’s Bill wouldn’t actually have been enough to fix the problem.

    Thanks. Yeah, no comment on whether it would have been any good or not – just substantiating the claim.


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  3. I have to confess that Scoop’s version of events was based on Curran’s press release. I believe one would expect the leader of the house to deny leave for things like that (except by prior agreement) because it get in the way of their own business and, if it worked, everyone would want a go.

    Thanks for the audio, I nicked a copy and put it on Scoop.

    … and only now do I think that, in the context of this debate, perhaps I shouldn’t have put it that way.

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