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datePosted on 06:17, January 15th, 2009 by Anita
The Kiwipoliticos’  living rooms are full of friends, colleagues and family, full of books and magazines. There are cups of coffee, teapots and glasses; there are laptops, piles of handwritten notes, annotated printouts, piles of to-be-read and pencil diagrams which once meant something, in one corner there are a pile of posters waiting to go up. People visit us to talk, debate, eat good food, laugh, meet their friends and put the world to rights.
Imagine that this blog is just like our living rooms.
Come in, join the debate, argue long and hard, or listen quietly. Borrow a book (or two), recommend a magazine, point out a great website, draw your new greatest theory on the back of something.
But don’t come here looking for a fight, don’t insult anyone, be polite, and if you spill a cup you’ll find a cloth in the kitchen to clean up. We know that making everyone welcome depends on civility and commonsense, and we know how to show people the door.
So come on in, I’m making a cuppa would you like anything to drink?